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Since 1956, 80-year-old Yousef has lived in a shack in Roshmia Valley with his wife Amna. Life is quiet until the municipality of Haifa endorses a new road project across the valley which will result the demolition the shack 웹 페이지 소스 다운로드. Aouni, who looks after the couple, acts as a middleman between them and the municipality; negotiations lead to tension among the three characters.

Director :Salim Abu Jabal

Palestine / 2014

Wednesday  27/5/2015 at 7:00 pm

Language: Arabic / subtitled English & French

Running time: 70 minutes

Ticket Price: 10 NIS

At Yabous Cultural Centre – Cinema Al Quds

The Cinema program at Yabous is funded by the E.U

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