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As part of Layali Al Quds – Jerusalem Nights

Yabous Presents :- The Palestinian Circus School – Coffee in town

Monday 25th March 2019

at 11:00 am

Free admission

People come together in the same space and time, sharing a collective experience, but each has their own story to tell. Some enjoy the coming together, others seek a moment alone with their own thoughts and feelings. Ultimately it is their joy, celebration and humanity that brings them together, to share in a coffee and a memory or two. The possibilities that they hold inside give us a pause, to join with them, breathe and live life without limit.

Using circus, theatre and choreography, Coffee in town is a family show about people, what they have in common and what they have to offer the world.

The Palestinian Circus School (PCS) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, which was established in 2006 and is registered with the Palestinian Authority since February 2007. By teaching, creating, performing and programming circus arts, the Palestinian Circus School strengthens the creative, social and physical potential of Palestinians, seeking to engage and empower them to become constructive actors in society and raises local and international awareness about the Palestinian potential and its different challenges

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