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By the director Dalia Abu Zeid

73 minutes

Friday 27/11/2015 at 8:00 PM

‘Remember Us’ is a feature docudrama unveiling stories of a forgotten minority in Jordan: Palestinian refugees from Gaza Gothic. Citizens of nowhere, these refugees and later generations were never granted citizenship, depriving them from social, civic and human rights, with limited access to education, health, traveling and lifestyle pc version of KakaoTalk. Witness the rare success stories of Gaza refugees in Jordan. Remember Us takes us on a journey through their surreal perspective; see their life through their eyes, thoughts, hopes and dreams; experience the emotional war, history, humanity and psychology of what it’s like to be a refugee; lose all sense of belonging; struggle against the lack of basic rights in order to achieve personal goals it because of spica. What if you were born a refugee of a country you’ve never even seen?

Ticket price: 20 NIS

Venue: Al Quds Cinema – Yabous Cultural Centre


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