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The 22nd Annual Jerusalem Festival by Yabous Cultural Centre

July 17- 25, 2017

With arts & creativity, we light up the torches of persistent 눈빛보내기 다운로드.

With a firm hope, the Jerusalem Festival is renewed once again in 2017, continuing a strong, confident tradition that has existed since the inauguration of the festival in 1996 호크 마 주석 다운로드. In keeping with the foundational mission of Yabous, this festival seeks to promote a consistent message of Palestinian culture and knowledge through its commitment to a uniquely indigenous vision Grab live download.

The participants in this year’s festival hail from Palestine and locations all over the world. This diverse array of artists, musicians, and dancers now commit themselves to a unifying expression of the essential core of Palestinian national culture 런닝맨 104회 다운로드.

This is a culture that faces the challenge to persevere, as it is constantly under threat of erasure. By consolidating our present circumstances into these vibrant expressions of creativity, and engaging deeply and productively with the reality of our lives, we hope to establish a solid framework for the kind of cultural persistence that will continue to carry the torch for Palestine in Jerusalem Warcraft 3 Digital Download.

In order to face this task head-on, we at Yabous work as a harmonized team, coming together as staff members, volunteers, and friends of the centre to organize this festival with a clear artistic vision on both the creative and administrative level Wicked Light mp3.

Although the Yabous Cultural Centre is a dynamic organization, it also seeks to embody stability as a cultural institution open to all segments of society 문명 모드 다운로드. Yabous is therefore tasked with addressing national aspirations and needs, while also consistently stimulating the creative potential of its local community pbe 서버 다운로드. To this end, in 2016 we were able to organize over 300 events and programs, which were attended by a total of forty thousand people, including hundreds of accomplished and aspiring artists ROADKILL.

For Yabous, the development of a national culture involves strengthening the central role that Jerusalem plays in contemporary Palestinian life, to connect different segments of the Palestinian community and find creative ways to break the siege that Jerusalem suffers under Rockman x5 Korean edition. By fostering this interactive arts network on both the local and international level, we fortify our global solidarity network and encourage exchange between diverse cultures and various art forms.

Through the Jerusalem Festival we seek to create spaces for Jerusalemites to express their creativity, present their art, develop programs to promote Palestinian cultural identity, and enrich the relationship between the art movement and its ties the city of Jerusalem.

This festival could not happen without your support. We would like to express our gratitude to our donors and partners, to the local media sources that provided coverage for our events, and to all of our other sponsors and benefactors. A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to the festival, and in doing so helped the Jerusalem Festival to maintain a presence within the community. We would also like to express a deep appreciation for all other ongoing efforts to support the vibrancy of arts and culture life in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Festival seeks to light an everlasting torch, one that will restore Jerusalem to its role as a beacon of cultural radiance.


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