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As we were preparing to launch the Jerusalem Festival 2017, under the title “Al Quds The Luminous City of Culture ”, after almost one year of preparations for a distinctive festival to revive the cultural life in Jerusalem, and as we were preparing to host international renowned performers, the Israeli discriminatory measures towards Palestinians in Jerusalem have increased to even prohibit the freedom of worship first Harry Potter. Now the holiest sites are surrounded with discriminatory metal detectors with the aim of humiliating our people, and anyone wishing to pray at Al-Aqsa mosque, following a systematic strategy to empty Jerusalem…

Due to recent and unfortunate developments, and being a part of our community, Yabous has decided to postpone the festival that was scheduled to take place between 17th – 25th of July 2017 Grato.

The Jerusalem Festival  was and will remain a space for free expression, for prople who appreciate culture and life  and seeks everything that is beautiful and humane Download Akurub.

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